When you create a patient in Smart Flow from ezyVet, certain information from ezyVet will populate Smart Flow.

1. Master Problems - Condition from ezyVey go to the Critical Note in Smart Flow:

2. Presenting Problems go to the Problem List:

NOTE: They will be transferred correctly only if they are put in the dropdown field:

3. The Patient Signalment and Owner info:

Update appropriate field in Smart Flow:

NOTE: There are few more highlighted areas on the screenshot above that correspond to the Critical Note (see p.1 above), Problem List (see p.2 above), and Patient File Number (see p.4 below).

4. The clinical record ID - Consult #:

Is going to Patient File Number that could be viewed both in the Patient Info (see the screenshot p.3) and all Patient Reports files:

A good rule of thumb is only fields that can be seen in patient info are able to be populated from the EMR to Smart Flow:

We hope you found this information useful!