When creating a new form, how do I copy an existing form so I don't have to redo everything?

Simple! Smart Flow makes it easy to copy from an existing form so you can tweak and adjust the information that you want, without having to create a form from scratch. 

1) In the Settings, click on "FORMS" to access your Forms creation/editing area. Click on the "NEW FORM" button:

2) A new form creation window will then pop up. The first drop down menu is called Create from exists form. Simply click on this drop down menu and select which form you would like to use to create your new form. 

3) Put in a new title for your new form - as you can see Smart Flow automatically generates the title 'Copy of'. 

4) Then make the usual selections - if you want a photo on this new form, and if you want it to show up on the main screen of your iPads. 

5) Click "DONE".

6) You will see in your list of forms you have your original form, and the copy of the one you made! Go ahead and edit your new form to the specifications you require.