If you are receiving the following notifications, this is likely due to a drop in your Internet speed resulting in a saved or published Form not managing to reach our web server. This can occur if your Internet speed is below our minimum recommendation, or if you suffer a temporary reduction in your Internet speed.

If you encounter the below message, please check the Internet connection first, and then repeat your action by clicking on the Try Again button. If the warning is still present, please click on the Try Later button. In this case, the Form will be stored locally on that iPad, so that you can return to it later. It won't, however, be visible on other iPads or on the web until your Internet connection is restored and the data has been uploaded to the server:

You can access this Form from the same iPad once the Internet connection is fixed. For this please open the appropriate patient > click on the Dashboard button, or pinch the screen: 

Then tap on the Forms:

Open the Form with the exclamation mark and finalize following your usual steps:

We hope you found this information useful!