Once the Analytics tool has been activated in your account Settings, the first screen you will see is a follows:

Any saved treatment templates in your account, which includes tasks, will automatically be included in the menu of workflows in Analytics.

You will be able to select these from the dropdown menu:

Let's begin by selecting some 'Unique filters' (e.g. dates period):

Once you have selected your unique filters, hit the "SAVE" button & give the preset a suitable name for future reference:

You can then go on to view a comparison of saved presets, & even save these as 'Views' for future comparison.

This is useful for comparisons of ‘doctor to doctor’ or ‘time period to time period'.

Here we have a saved 'View' which is a comparison of two saved 'Presets' - Dr. Johns vs Ivan:

Now we need to look more closely at the tasks & goals within these workflows, & how we set these: 

Let's firstly look at an individual task, & what everything means:

You can edit these goals as follows:

Clicking on the ‘timer’ will remove the task from the Analytics workflow:

An example of when you may choose to do this is the ‘Call the Owner’ task. The timing of this task may not be of great concern to you - you simply wish to know that it’s completed at some point. 

The total workflow time stays the same - it’s simply excluding a step. The time is automatically added onto the next task.

Clicking the timer again will reverse this action.

Removing the step form the Analytics DOES NOT remove the task from the Whiteboard - it will still appear as a task on the Whiteboard, but without a timer.

A few important things to note re workflows & tasks:

Subtasks are excluded from the workflows. The reason for this is because Tasks are something that you can pass on to the next person, whereas Subtasks are more of a checklist / reminder - you are not going to pass these on to someone else.

On the Whiteboard, any tasks that are included in a Analytics workflow will be locked:

This is because you have set the workflow goal within the Analytics. If you don’t have a goal set, you can still amend them. 

You can still add tasks, & put them in-between the existing tasks; but they won’t be accounted for within the workflow Analytics.

***The task timers on Whiteboard will count DOWN, rather than counting forward!***

Toggling this slide allows you to control when the Analytics starts reporting on the workflow. 

This is useful if you prepare your patients in Smart Flow the day before. The first task could be ‘Transfer to Surgery’ for example. Once that task is completed, the timers will then start.

So now that you have your workflows & goals established, how do you view your performance?

When viewing your Analytics workflows, red tasks show that you have exceeded your goal by double the time or more:

On the Whiteboard the task will blink & start counting forward to indicate how far behind you are:

Orange show that you have exceeded your goal by less than double the time:

Green shows that you have met your goal:

Nice work! :-)

Here is a video outlining the Analytics tool:

If you require any further assistance with setting up / using the Analytics tool, please contact our Support Team.