Sometimes, you might want to access a form to create a new patient on your whiteboard, but you might need that form for existing hospitalized patients, too. You cannot have the same form in both places, but it's very easy to make a copy, and have one copy in each menu! Here's how to do it:

In Settings, access "Forms" and select the form you'd like to have appear in two places.

Click the "Edit" pencil next to the form's title:

If "Show on main screen" is toggled to Yes, you will only see this form on the "Create patient" menu on the iPad:

So, in this case, we will make a copy of this form:

Give it a clear name:

Then, change the setting (click that pencil again!) to "No")

Remember, this is a second, unique form, so any changes you make should be made to BOTH copies if you want to keep them exactly the same!

And, don't forget to "Send to iPad"