You may have noticed that no fluid rate would get saved into a SmartFlow Anesthetic and Flowsheet Templates (e.g., 2.0x maintenance, 3.0x maintenance, etc.). 

We feel that every patient should be clinically assessed, and a decision regarding the fluid rate should be made by an appropriate staff member before commencing treatments.

SmartFlow will offer a calculated Maintenance rate based upon the weight of the patient, but we leave the final decision to the clinician. We also provide the option to select an Sx rate of 5ml/kg/hour from within a parameter's properties:

To change the fluid rate, please open the parameter, select the required value, and click DONE.

NOTE: Please avoid entering a custom Maintenance rate or Hourly fluid rate for a patient and use the Sx factor instead (such as 1.5x, 2.0x, etc.) where possible. If you want to use a custom value, please make sure that you check the fluid rate each time you change the patient weight, as the Hourly fluid rate value will be recalculated based on the new weight and selected Sx rate. In this case, the fluid rate may change significantly (please find more details HERE).

For more information on how we calculate our fluid rates, please see this document: How do we calculate the fluid rate?

We hope you found this information useful!