If you restored a patient from the Archive (more on how to do this - in THIS article), you will not be able to regenerate a previously finalized Anesthetic Sheet report, but you will have a chance to create a new one instead. 

In this case, from the patient's Flowsheet on the iPad, tap Menu (...) and go the Anesthetic Sheet:

Then you will see this screen indicating that the Anesthetic Sheet has already been finalized:

NOTE: If the Anesthetic Sheet was created for the patient before discharge, but has not yet begun, you will be able to use it once the patient is restored:

However, it is not possible to continue or edit previous anesthesia as it was finalized with the patient discharge.

To create a new Anesthetic Sheet, please open the Dashboard by pinching the screen and choose a template you need: 

Go ahead and create a new Anesthetic Sheet.

We hope you found this information useful!