To monitor a glucose curve, you will need to enter the blood glucose either more frequently than every hour (to see how to do that, please click HERE) or you will need to enter vitals every few hours, but not have the charge repeat itself. 

In order to do this, you will need to have a billable parameter, we recommend calling it Blood Glucose Curve (Default Section - Procedure, Picker type - Initials, Billing - ON) and a non-billable parameter which we recommend calling Blood Glucose (Default Section - Monitoring, Picker type - Numeric, Billing - OFF). 

To do so, please open manager's Smart Flow account on the web > click user icon in the upper-right corner > go Settings > Parameters > Add new (or select an appropriate parameter to edit it):

Then you will need to add the billable item - Blood Glucose Curve to your flowsheet daily, and have frequency set to Once, or every 24 hours if you would like to repeat the curve the next day. Should you have certain time intervals that the charge should repeat (such as charging for 3 hours of curving at a time), you will need to repeat the billable parameter at the specific intervals. This will need to be initialed as soon as the blood glucose curve is started, to ensure the charge is either transferred to your EMR or recorded on your Billing Record PDF.

Then you will need to add the Blood Glucose - Monitoring parameter to the flowsheet. This can be repeated on the flowsheet with any interval you choose, such as every hour. Your flowsheet will end up looking a little like this: 

If you choose to charge for a blood glucose test each time you do a blood glucose check, you can add a billable parameter with a default of a numeric picker type in order to have the charge placed every time you enter a value. Ensure that you call this parameter something like Blood Glucose Single (billable) in order to differentiate between curve charges and single charges.

We hope you found this information useful!