Smart Flow enables you to create different kinds of digital forms according to your clinic's preferences. This option is accessible in the Forms section within your account: Settings > Forms

You can start creating a form by pressing the NEW FORM button:

Upon pressing it, a popup window will appear. From this window, you can choose an existing form from the drop-down menu (if you need to create a copy of the form) or select new form and insert a title. 

At this point, you can also adjust the form settings (such as change the Submit Button text, adjust show on the main screen, passcode settings, etc.) according to your preferences. 

Please do not forget to click the DONE button.

For a better view, you can divide the forms into sections using headings and subheadings.

Please use ADD HEADING and ADD SUBHEADING buttons to customize the form view. Click the appropriate button, insert the heading / subheading text into the Static Heading / Static SubHeading popup, and click SAVE:

If you want to add any text to the form, simply click Add Text button, and the Static Text field will appear:

Insert all the necessary text into the Static Text popup:


Also, you can create a unique form by adding various fields that can be filled out once necessary. To do this, use the Properties that have already been created (listed to the right of the form), or create your own by clicking + ADD NEW button in the upper right corner of the form (for more information please, read THIS article). 

NOTE: You can also preview, edit or delete forms.

Also watch THIS video where Dr. Ivan demonstrates how to create digital forms.