The form Properties are accessible on the right-hand side of the Forms page:

You can search your list of properties that you wish to add to the form:

Or add a new property via the "+ADD NEW" button:

You can then type the title of the property you wish to add, for example, 'Contact telephone number':

Select the Type of property you wish to add from the dropdown list, & hit "SAVE":

If you wish to add Static Text to the form, just click "Add Text" button 

and the Static Text field will appear:

Single & Multiple dropdown are visible on a published form as follows:

  • Single dropdown:

  • Multiple downdown:

Multi Photos has multiple uses, one being for admission or boarding intake forms, allowing you to record items that the owner may wish to leave with their pet. 

Radiobuttons & Checkboxes are useful features. Here are examples of Radiobuttons:

Step-by-step instructions for creating Radiobuttons:

We drag & drop the properties on the form, & we can edit the property by clicking on the 'pencil' icon:

You are also able to make a property (field) mandatory, this will prevent finalizing forms without completing the fields you decided are important first. To do that click on the 'star' icon and the property will then have a little 'star' beside it.  

We highly recommend making the 'Signature' property mandatory.


We have a selection of buttons across the top of the Forms page:

PDF PREVIEW: Allows you to view a preview of your form, prior to publishing it.

REMOVE FROM IPADS: This un-publishes a form.

SAVE: Saves the form AND publishes the form on the iPads.

SAVE AS: Allows you to save the form elsewhere, e.g. not on the iPads.

There is also an Edit Form window where you can change further forms settings. This is accessed by clicking the 'pencil' icon next to the form name:

Here is a video where Dr. Ivan clearly demonstrates how to create digital forms: