Documents Management:

This is a menu within your account settings, which allows you to manage which documents you would like to keep after the patient is discharged.

An explanation of the settings options:

EXPORT DOCUMENTS TO EMR: Switching this setting to "YES" allows your integrated EMR to receive the documents from Smart Flow. PLEASE NOTE YOU WILL ONLY BE ABLE TO SELECT YES IF YOU HAVE AN INTEGRATED EMR.

SAVE TO DISK: Allows the documents to download to the 'Downloads' folder on your computer, after the patient is discharged. For more information about setting up this folder, see THIS document.

MERGE REPORTS INTO ONE PDF: Some EMRs do not allow multiple file attachments at the same time. This functionality allows you to merge all of the patients files into one document once the patient is discharged.

You can also now select which files you would like to retain after discharge:

Your Clinic Logo upload option is also within the Documents Management settings: