When a medication parameter is first used in Smart Flow, it prompts the user to fill in a route and to indicate how the dosage is calculated.

You fill in the common route and then ensure that the units used for dosage matches the units in the concentration of the medication. This is so that Smart Flow's dosage calculator works.

Smart Flow will remember these values every time that parameter is chosen.

So what do you do if someone chose an unusual route or dose? It can be frustrating to constantly change these values each time you use that medication.

With a non-integrated EMR, you can simply go to the settings page and delete that parameter and create a new one.

With an integrated EMR such as ezyVet or eVetPractice, you will need to "un-map" that medication parameter (unlink it from the billing code in the EMR), delete the Smart Flow code, and then "re-map" the medication again from scratch. See the video by clicking here.

Once the item is freshly re-mapped, open a patient and select that medication. Be sure to fill in the route and dosing information correctly, so that Smart Flow defaults to the desired values each time.