When a Medication parameter is first added to a patient's flowsheet, Smart Flow prompts you to fill in a common route as well as indicate how the dosage is calculated. The system will then remember the values you entered and will automatically use them every time the parameter is chosen:

NOTE:  Always ensure that the measurement unit used for dosage matches the one used for concentration, as this is exactly what makes Smart Flow's dosage calculator work.

But what do you do if an unusual route or dosage was chosen? We perfectly understand that it can be frustrating to constantly change these values every time you use that medication, so we offer you the following workarounds:

With a non-integrated EMR

Simply go to the Settings page (from the manager's Smart Flow web account) > Parameters to delete the parameter > and create a new one.

With an integrated EMR 

You will first need to unmap the EMR item from the Smart Flow parameter with the same name. For this, open the manager's Smart Flow web account > Settings > Parameters > double click the item in parameters table. In the editing pop-up window, press the X near the name of the EMR item to clear the EMR name, and then press Update (you will still see the Smart Flow name below the EMR name):

Then, go back to the Parameters table and search under the EMR name column for the item name (5 Liter Bag of LRS IV Fluids) which should have no name in the Smart Flow Display Name column and  remap the medication again from scratch (see the detailed video instruction on the process HERE).

* Please note that the attached video is an illustration and is subject to change as our product evolves!

Once the item is freshly re-mapped, open a patient and select that medication. Be sure to fill in the route and dosage information correctly, so that Smart Flow defaults to the needed values each time.

We hope you found this information useful!