Temperature settings when transferring Data from Surgery Monitor:

When transferring data over from the Monitor to iPad, the unit of temperatures has to be set the same on the iPad and monitor in order for corresponding data to be sent across, if the units of temperature measurement are not the same a conversion will be done.

For example, if the monitor is in degrees Celsius and the iPad is in Fahrenheit when data is transferred to the iPad there will be a conversion (eg Monitor 0 degrees C, then the iPad will be 32 F).

Therefore, before transferring data from the monitor to the iPad please check the settings and make sure the units are corresponding.


If the temperature from the monitor does not match the iPad units you can change the settings.

How to change settings on your Monitor:

 You need to set temperature units in your "Settings" by clicking on the 'Silhouette Icon' in the upper right corner and selecting 'Settings'. 




Go to General settings and you will see an option for ‘Temperature Units', you can then select the preferred temperature unit.