To avoid inconveniences when transferring data from a surgery monitor to an iPad, we recommend setting the same temperature unit both on the monitor and in the Smart Flow application. If the units do not match, the data will be sent across, but the automatic conversion will be performed. Therefore, you will see different values on the monitor and iPad, which can be confusing. For example, if monitor units are set to degrees Celsius when the iPad is in degrees Fahrenheit, the transferred data will be converted to the correct representation on the iPad (for example, the monitor shows 38 degrees Celsius and this will correspond to 100.4 Fahrenheit on the iPad).

If the temperature on the monitor does not match iPad units, you can easily adjust the Smart Flow settings. To change the temperature unit settings, open your Smart Flow web account > click on the user like icon in the upper right corner > go to Settings > General > Temperature Units > and then set the preferred temperature unit:

We hope you found this information useful!