Smart Flow automatically bills to ezyVet when billable events occur e.g. Administering Medication.

For each Smart Flow integration, the settings in ezyVet will link the Smart Flow integration to a department/hospital in ezyVet:

Automatic billing will be sent to the correct department in ezyVet based on the resource selected for the Doctor on Duty assigned to that patient. A resource is the incorporation of the user and the departments they are linked to.


Smart Flow syncs the resources for all departments the user has access to, that are encapsulated by the integration settings division, e.g. Dr. Hattrup (Emergency), Dr. Hattrup (Critical Care):

ezyVet Super Users have access to select which department(s) users are linked to. Reducing and refining the user access to the correct member access level and relevant departments only will reduce the number of resources and ensure better accuracy. For more information on granting users correct department access, please refer to the Departments section of ezyVet to help guide Creating and Configuring Users in ezyVet.

By default, Smart Flow will generate the Doctor on Duty to be the Department and Case User associated with the patient in ezyVet. If this patient is moving in between departments/whiteboards, it is essential to select the correct resource for Doctor on Duty so that the billing is sent to the correct department in ezyVet.

For good practice, please always double-check the resource selected is up to date.

We hope you found this information useful!