Although it is not possible to delete an extra 24 hours from the patient's Flowsheet (more about it HERE), our support team is available to delete duplicated Flowsheet days for you 24/7. 

To make sure no crucial data is missed and the correct day is deleted, please take one of the following steps before submitting a ticket so we can be sure nobody deletes the wrong day:

- Make a screenshot of a Flowsheet day that should be deleted.


- Remove highlighting / delete all the treatments from the duplicated day (more about bulk changing of highlighting can be found HERE). You can also mark this day so that everyone knows to not use it (for example, you can type d o  n o t  u s e ! ! !  by putting one letter per cell):

NOTE: You can still remove the entire patient, but not a single Flowsheet day. In some cases it may be more convenient, otherwise, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.

Once it's done, please proceed with submitting a ticket indicating:

- Whiteboard and Patient names;

- Full date of the treatment day, which should be removed (the screenshot will be very useful). 

We hope you found this information useful!