Because Smart Flow contains information that may be important to the medical record, there's no ability to delete a flow sheet in order to ensure the preservation of that data. To mitigate the issues of having an extra flowsheet as well as ensure no important medical records are deleted, we would like to recommend a workaround. 

   Please remove highlighting / delete all the treatments from unused days. You can also mark it, so everyone knows to not use it; for example, you can type "d o  n o t  u s e ! ! " by putting one letter per cell.


   Note you can still delete entire patients, just not single flow sheets.


 Also, please check out this video of a workaround if you did want to delete the parameters then re-add flow sheets:

Here are some possible causes of a duplicate flow sheet appearing:

1) Someone creates a patient with one or several flowsheets (days of treatment);

2) Someone adds '24 hours' on one iPad, and then another person also adds '24 hours'  to the same patient from another iPad. If one of the iPads is not synchronized, then a conflict of two flowsheets with the same date takes place. In this case, you will see the message "Error: Duplicate Smart Flow Sheet was created..." on the iPad.