Unfortunately, Smart TV's do not support Smart Flow due to the low limit of embedded browsers. If you wish, you may try to connect it to a computer screen and use it as a regular second monitor. 

We recommend using a large monitor or television screen in the main treatment area of your clinic, so that all staff members can see exactly when patients have treatments due. 

NOTE: It is hard to give you a specific recommendation since these days any TV has the ability to be connected to a computer. The only thing we can advise, is that you should first check what kind of adapter your computer has (older computers would have VGA, HDMI id more ideal) and ensure that the cable is long enough to connect to the computer like a second monitor.

One clinic's experience: "We experimented with a Smart TV and are using its browser to pull up Smart Flow. When we add a patient or TX on a desktop the updates don’t instantly appear on the TV but they do on other PC’s. We decided to go with a PC mounted to the TV’s."