We understand that in certain cases such as emergencies there may be a need to quickly create a patient and start treatment. You may not have time to weigh the patient. This is why the weight is not a mandatory field while creating a patient. This makes it easier to create a patient right away, without having to enter placeholder weight, or waiting to get a real weight. 

While we are discussing patient creation it is worth giving you some information on the other required fields besides weight:

1. Please note that the Treatment Template field is mandatory and you will not be able to proceed without selecting a template. The required patient information can be added later if there is a need to quickly create a patient:

 and from the iPad:

2. The Patient Name and Patient File number are not required fields, but we strongly recommend filling in this information while creating a patient to avoid patient confusion (especially if your clinic is integrated with PIMS).

3. The other required fields (marked with red stars), such as Treatments Begin at, Number of Flowsheets, Whiteboard, will be populated automatically:

From the iPad, please check these fields on the General information tab while creating a patient: 

NOTE: If no gender option is selected (highlighted in blue), the patient's gender by default will be set to  Unknown (U):

If your clinic has multiple departments (represented by multiple whiteboards), we highly recommend that you select the department whiteboard from the point of patient creation. This will avoid creating the patient in the wrong department (default department) and later needing to change the patient's department.

The rest of the fields in General info, Client info, Patient info, and Problem List  (that are not mentioned above) are not required. This is why, in urgent situations, it will be possible to create the patient without filling this information, and later, when you get a free moment, you can fill out these fields.

That's it, we hope this information will be useful for your daily routine!

We hope you found this information useful!