When adding a catheter, it is important to note down where the catheter is located for every patient. Previously you had 3 options only for the location of your catheter. 

Now, you will still have your previous options: J - jugular, C - cephalic, and - saphenous, but you will also be able to override this with a maximum amount of 3 typed characters. Other options regarding catheter size, length, placement, and date will remain the same. The image below is an illustration of how the IV Catheter settings will be reflected for the Smart Flow web version:

NOTE: The displace on the iPad is slightly different. There are three options (J, S, C) and also the ability to free type in an option underneath, for example, if you have a Dorsal pedal IV you can have this as an option as DP

The image above is an illustration of what the iPad display looks like.