When you enter a number into a cell for medication on a flowsheet, Smart Flow assumes you mean ml. However, some clinics choose to use the Total mg option on medications for the Show on Flowsheet prompt. Now, the units that correspond to your Show on Flowsheet prompt will be added into the Medical Record PDF after the numbers you enter into the cell on flowsheets.
Follow this link if you would like to know how to view Patient Medical Records.

If you select to show Total mg for medication, and you enter, for example, 5  into a cell:

Smart Flow adds mg after the 5 into the Medical Record:

It will also calculate the total volume that you use, based on the mg that you entered into the flowsheet and the concentration of the drug. This total ml will then either appear on your billing PDF or will be sent directly to your EMR (if you are using an integrated EMR), so the appropriate amount of the drug can be billed for.

If you would like to know more details about the parameter's units of measurement, please click HERE.

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