When using SmartFlow with an integrated EMR which has billing parameters, as items are checked off in SmartFlow, charges should transfer across to your integrated patient management system. A sign that this is not happening as intended is a Red Exclamation mark. It appears beside the silhouette icon in the top right-hand corner of the web, as seen below:

This exclamation mark is warning you that there were some items executed in SmartFlow that have failed to come across to your EMR and thus were not billed successfully. 

Once you notice this red exclamation mark you can easily re-send the item or items over to your EMR manually. To do this simply click Archive under the silhouette icon (same area as illustrated above). 

From the archive menu, find the patient with the red exclamation mark beside their name, see below:

By clicking on the exclamation mark you can view what information failed to come across and then have the option to resend by clicking on Sync Again:

NOTE: If you have already solved the issues and no longer need to sync items with your EMR, please click the Clean button to reset the alert. 

We hope you found this information useful!