If any Content Restrictions are configured on your iPad, you may encounter incorrect Smart Flow application performance. To prevent this from happening, we recommend that you add some necessary websites to the "whitelist', as described below:

1. On your iPad open Settings:

2. Open Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions:

3. Enable the Content & Privacy Restriction option and open the Content Restrictions menu:

4. Go Web Content:

5. According to your needs, select Limit Adult Websites (you can specific allowed and restricted websites can be added manually) or Allowed Websites Only (allow access only to listed websites) and Add Websites to the "whitelist":

6. The following websites should be "whitelisted", or allowed, on the iPad for Smart Flow to work correctly:

  • smartflowsheet.com
  • forum.smartflowsheet.com
  • smartflowsheet.skyprepapp.com
  • hubspot.com
  • share.vidyard.com
  • azure.com
  • cloudapp.net

If the above websites are "whitelisted", it will be enough to run the Smart Flow software. 

We hope you found this information useful!