Please note this FAQ is only relevant to MDM iPads, e.g. if you have acquired the iPad directly from us here at Smart Flow.

Do you ever encounter error messages when trying to update the Smart Flow app on your iPad, for example:

  • "It keeps asking me to update Smart Flow, but won’t let me open it."
  • "The App Store does not give me the option to update."

Please follow these steps for the solution:

1) Click on the "APP CATALOG" app:

2) Locate the Smart Flow app:


3) If an "UPDATE" button is displayed:please click on this & follow the instructions to ensure the app is updated.

In case of any issues regarding the update, please do not hesitate to contact our support team. Also, we kindly ask you to send the log file to the MaaS360 support, as described here:, for further investigation.