PLEASE NOTE: This FAQ is for those who have acquired iPads directly from IDEXX SmartFlow and are updated via our Device Management software - MDM. If you have purchased iPads for your clinic by yourself, this FAQ isn't relevant for you. 

If the message from App Store pops up asking you to update the SmartFlow application on your iPad, but won’t let you open it, please follow the steps below for the solution:

Open the MDM APP CATALOG application: 

Locate the SmartFlow application:


If an UPDATE button is displayed: please click on it and follow the instructions to ensure the application is updated.

If the INSTALLED button is displayed beside the SmartFlow, it means that it has already been updated. 

Also, we kindly ask you to send the log file to the MaaS360 support, as described HERE for further investigation.

We hope you found this information useful!