Ever had a hard time trying to put into words and explain the exact issue you are having to our Support Team. Feel like your question or issues are not being understood? 

Good news! Smart Flow now has a way in which you can easily record a video to explain your problem quickly and efficiently, leaving less room for misunderstandings. 

We are now using a tool called ViewedIt. This is a great tool that you can use to get the information you require across quickly and accurately. Currently, this is only available on the web on the Google Chrome web browser. 

Vidyard Chrome Extension

Here is a video on how to install the ViewedIt Chrome Extension from the Chrome Webstore:


Once you have successfully installed the extension, you will have to set up the account before you are able to start recording videos. For this step, you will require a Gmail account. You can create your own Gmail account for free anytime by clicking on Mail in the top portion of Google Chrome Homepage. 

Once you have a Gmail account, watch the below video to link this account with Viewedit

 Congratulations!! You are now ready to learn how to record videos. Watch this video below on how to record and share your videos with the Smart Flow Support Team.