If you commonly use the same fluids, premed and induction medications; you may want to save this information on a template. 

To do this first create an anesthetic sheet

Then add Premed, Induction meds and Fluids etc. Remember to include the dose rate, as this will also save for future calculations. 

You can save as much or as little information on an anesthetic template as you would like. 

IMPORTANT: Once this information has been added tap "Start" to move to the anesthetic sheet. 

While you are in "Editing Mode" you can also add all the needed Monitoring parameters. To see how to perform this - click HERE. 

Once you have added in all parameters you require for your template you should save it. To do this stay in "Editing Mode", tap "Menu", then "Save as Template":

Here you will be asked to choose a name for this template. Once you have entered a name, choose "Save":

This template will now be saved and available for you to choose from the Preoperative page: