In clinic we understand treatments are not always due to be completed directly on the hour. In the past we have suggested you record this information in the instructions section of the parameter. This is not the best way, as there is no reminder or indication that a treatment must be done at this time, making treatments easily missed. Our new work around suggestion will be to use the "Siri" Apple function. 

Once you have decided on what time you would like to have the treatments done at, you can assign an iPad for these procedures. Simply ask "Siri" to set a timer and notify you of any treatments that are due. 

To use the "Siri" function simply press and hold the "Home Key" then tell Siri to "Set timer for 2 hours". This is then going to start a running timer that will then notify you when the chosen amount of time is up. You will then perform the treatment and record in Smart Flow as usual at the closet hour. 

For example a blood glucose curve that needs to be drawn at 1:15pm, you will record in Smart Flow for 1:00pm. Once the treatment is completed you will then "ask Siri" to set another timer for when the next sample is due. 

                                                                               Home Key