Since March 2017, all emergency drugs are saved to the same PDF as your Anesthetic sheet. This ensures compliance with regulations set by AAHA, as well as lets you have easy access and print the Emergency Drugs list. To do so, find and open the Anesthetic PDF before the patient discharge or access it from the patient's Archive after discharge.

Moreover, a copy of the emergency drugs is available to you at any time. You can view the list by selecting the EMERG button on the pre-operative page:

Usually, the Emergency Drugs list will look like this:

NOTE: There is currently no possibility to change anything in the Emergency Drug list because Apple has declined the emergency drug calculator feature built into the Smart Flow software. Apple policy prohibits the automatic calculation of emergency drugs, as they should be calculated by a trained specialist. Therefore, Smart Flow can only display a list of the Emergency Drug with the recommended dosages. Sorry for this inconvenience. 

We hope you found this information useful!