The number in the red area next to the patient's image indicates that there are overdue treatments, and this number correlates with the number of missed and current hours of treatment (not specific procedures) at the moment. Empty yellow cells on the whiteboard, correspond to the upcoming treatments, while the number in the cells denotes missed/current (circled in blue) treatments. This number shows a timeline sequence in which treatments were missed and helps you organize the workflow. Follow the numbers to catch up all overdue treatments. In the emergency cases, you can perform the procedures in your own order, and Smart Flow will automatically rearrange the sequence on the whiteboard so that you do not miss anything. After you complete all the scheduled procedures, a large check mark will appear in the yellow box:  

If you receive a notification about missed treatment but you don't see any due treatments on your flowsheets, the most likely cause is that the patient is not current. In such cases we advise you to check each patients flowsheet and then check the date, if there is a patient that does not have a flowsheet for the current date ,this is most likely where your missed treatment is.

To find this patient, please check the whiteboard for the patient that doesn't have a current flowsheet. As shown below, the patient Smitty does not appear to have any yellow highlighting on the whiteboard (so it is not current). However, the red number marks on the patient info profile indicates that highlighting on the flowsheet has passed the current hour, so it appears as a missed treatment:

In this case please open the patient's flowsheet and search for the missed treatments. Please use the navigation buttons, above the patient information, to access any previous treatment day:

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Please then complete all the overdue tasks and you won't any missed treatments notifications.


We hope you found this information useful!