On the right-hand side of the anesthetic sheet, there are monitoring parameters, which can be customized. You are able to record the patient's vitals as well. Just click on each of the monitoring parameters (select the appropriate box) and enter the vitals. However, if you would like to go back and enter vitals for a time that has already passed, please follow the steps below:

First, select and hold on the time you would like to return to (at the top of the column):

After selecting the time, the whole column will be highlighted and a pop-up window will appear for the parameter. Tap Next until you reach missed vitals > enter a value and select DONE to save:

NOTE: You will automatically be prompted to enter the next value, as per the flowsheets, without having to manually select each parameter individually.

Therefore, you are able to go back, edit and add any vitals, even if you missed some of them.

We hope you found this information useful!