When the clinic has set Fixed Templates to NO (check on the web Settings > General), as well as you use the Non-Fixed Time Template, you may find that when you Add 24 hours to template some of the highlighting is not coming over while other could be moved. Most likely the reason for this is that some highlighting has been added manually, simply by tapping to a cell in the Edit flowsheet mode, instead of setting the appropriate highlighting frequency for the parameter.

When adding or editing parameters on the flowsheet, you may set any specific frequency time (in Continue every (hours) field) of your choosing under 24 hours. This will ensure the correct highlighting after the Add 24 hours, however in case you manually change the highlighting this highlighting will not be transferred over to the next days flowsheet when using the Copy function when adding 24 hours and may affect highlighting of the specific item on the next day (please read THIS article for more details). 

In the example below you will see the original template Default Q6 which has treatment every 6 hours, then Hydromorphone has been added to the flowsheet to be given every 6 hours:

If you were to Add 24 hours with the Copy function, this template for the following day would look exactly the same. On the other hand if you were to manually highlight Hydromorphone from the flowsheet at additional times outside the Q6 frequency the parameter is set for, then when you Add 24 hours it will copy everything but, the manually highlighted times. 

On the flowsheet below the highlighting for Hydromorphone was manually added (purple): 

After Add 24 hours this flowsheet will look like:  

As you can see the purple highlighting, that was added manually, have disappeared and only the original Hydromorphone Q6 treatment highlighting is present. 

NOTE: In case the clinic has set Fixed Templates to YES (check on the web Settings > General), or the changes were made to the fixed time template (eg. if the patient is in Boarding treatment room, find more details HERE) all highlights from the flowsheet (both added through parameter properties and by tapping manually to a cell) will be copied to the template (after Add 24 hours) as expected.

We hope you found this information useful!