Smart Flow has recognized the need for flexibility between the fixed and non-fixed template modes within some hospitals. 

Usually, when setting up your Smart Flow account, you must choose between fixed and non-fixed template modes. (The difference between these 2 types you can read more about here.There are some clinics in which having the ability to choose between these modes for individual patients would be beneficial. 

If your current setting for "Fixed Time Templates" is set to "No" and you would like to take advantage of having the option to use fixed time templates, please follow the below steps. 

From your settings menu, choose "Whiteboards" then "Add Whiteboard". The whiteboard you will need to add from the drop-down menu is named "Boarding" then click on the green >. 

Once this whiteboard has been added, all patients placed here will only have fixed time templates available to them. Remember any template created in fixed mode will remain and only be available in fixed mode and vice versa. 

Should you have an EMR that is integrated, every time you create a patient from the EMR into the Smart Flow "Boarding" whiteboard, you will need to select the Fixed template. 

We would suggest when using Smart Flow with an integrated EMR or not, that you make duplicate templates in each mode with the same name, to ensure every template is available to you. Please remember when creating templates in fixed mode, you will need to create them in the boarding whiteboard. To learn how to make a template click here.