The number of flowsheets that can be created for a patient in the Smart Flow system should be set in the integrated EMR's settings (for example, default settings of the patient flowsheet in Ezyvet). 

If an EMR does not specify to Smart Flow how many flowsheets to create when sending the patient data, then the number of flowsheets created will set to 2 by default (you can find more details on how to set the desired number of flowsheets while creating your patient HERE).

NOTE: Some EMR systems may specify the number of flowsheets without giving the user an option to select this themselves. If you're not sure what information your EMR is sending, please contact our support team for details.

You can change the default in this case by following the steps below:

1. Log into your Smart Flow web account > click on the user icon in the top right corner > go to Settings > Integration > EMR:

3. Turn the Limit Patient Creation to EMR option OFF:

4. Create a test patient from the iPad, be sure to select the desired Number of Flowsheets to be set as default:

NOTE: If the Number of Flowsheets was changed during the patient creation from the web, this value will not be saved as a default. Please make this changes only from the iPad, so that the flowsheet number will be changed for all upcoming patients created from both the web and iPad. To change the default value, please create another patient from the iPad and change the Number of Flowsheets again. Thus it will become a new default value for the account.  

5. When all necessary changes are made the last thing that should be done is to turn the Limit patient creation to EMR option back ON. 

We hope you found this information useful!