When naming drugs within Smart Flow there is a recommended way in which they should be recorded to be sure the most accurate information is easily visible. Due to limited space on the flowsheet, there are only a number of characters that are visible at a time, the rest will be cut off. 

The first thing to remember is, meds that have multiple concentrations should always be recorded with the numeric concentration listed before the drug name.  By putting the concentration of the drug first, it will be easy to distinguish the difference between them. 

For example, when using Hydromorphone you have concentrations of 2mg/ml and 10mg/ml, they should be listed in your Smart Flow parameters as seen below:

This way you can easily tell which is 2mg/ml and which is 10mg/ml. Any other entries that have similar names or multiple concentrations should also be listed in the same way. 

We have a script in Smart Flow that will help with this when you bring inventory into our system. To take advantage of this, you should have your inventory named like this:

Hydromorphone 2mg/ml (per ML)
will become:
2 Hydromorphone
with a concentration of 2mg/ml

Ketavet Ketamine 100mg/ml (per ML)
which would become:
100 Ketavet Ketamine

with a concentration of 100mg/ml

Here's a video on the topic: