We understand that the due to confidentiality reasons, it may be necessary to secure your devices and have a passcode set up for your iPad. Setting one up is pretty simple and can be done by following the steps below:

1.  Open your Settings app on the iPad:

2. Scroll until you find the Touch ID & Passcode option. Then tap on this option, a pop up window will appear prompting you to turn Passcode On (this will take you to the passcode window). Or, if you already have a passcode set up, it will request that you enter your existing passcode before you are can access the Passcode window to make changes:

3. From here you will enter a Passcode of your choosing (OR change an existing passcode) as well as set up Touch ID > Add a Fingerprint:

To set up your Touch ID

Please select Add a Fingerprint... and follow all the instructions.

To change the Passcode

Please, tap the Change Passcode option, it will first ask you to verifying your existing one:


Then, after entering your old passcode, you will be able to change it:

4. Thereafter, whenever unlocking your iPad the lock screen will pop up, requesting a passcode or Touch ID:


That's it, keeping your iPad secure!