In this FAQ we will show you three different methods for syncing inventory from ezyVet into Smart Flow.

To sync all items from Integration settings, please, follow these steps: 

From Ezyvet:

1. Go to 'Admin' 

2. Choose 'Integration'

3. From here go to 'SFS Settings' and click the 'SYNC ALL PRODUCTS WITH SFS'  button.

To sync product groups:

1. Please go to 'Admin'

2. Choose 'Products' < 'Product Groups' then you can select any product group you need to sync;


3. Click the 'SYNC ALL PRODUCTS WITH SFS' button.


To sync any individual items, please, choose 'Products' < type any item you need to sync < find the 'Sync with Smart Flow Sheet' point and press 'Yes': 

Any product will have 'Yes' or 'No' to toggle for send to Smart Flow. After your products & items were sent to Smart Flow you can begin 'mapping' those items for use.