To set up your clinic's email account on the iPad, you must first choose your account. Each iPad will need to be set up individually, keeping in mind that this account should be accessible to all staff members in the case of submitting a support ticket. 

Please set up the SAME email address on all your iPads by following the next steps:

1. From your iPad homepage > go to the Settings > Passwords & Accounts > Add Account:

2. In case, your clinic is using a provider like iCloud, Google, or Yahoo, you can set up your email account with just the email address and password. To do so, enter your email address and password > Tap Next and wait for verification > choose the content you want to sync and Tap Save.  

3. If you want to use your clinic's domain email (ie -, tap Other to add your account manually:

Tap Add Mail Account > Enter your name, email address, password, and a description for your account > Then tap Next:

After verification, check & complete the forms above. Tap Next to finish your account setup. Mail will find your email settings and you will just need to tap Done for completing your account setup:

NOTE: If you need additional help with this, please contact your clinic's IT team for assistance.

4. Once the account is successfully added, you will be taken to the inbox:


NOTE: Since it's crucial to make sure all staff have access to the email account - they must know the login and password.

Remember that documents from your discharged patients and problem reports from that particular iPad will also be sent to this account (unless your EMR is fully integrated).

5. If you have multiple email accounts on your iPad, you need to set the support email as a default account for sending emails. To do that, please go to your Settings > Mail > Default Account > set the support email as a default:

NOTE: You can still send emails from other accounts by choosing "from" account when composing individual messages.