You have the ability to change a template in the middle of a flowsheet. This means that once a template has been changed the two will merge, showing both previous and current template information. This feature would be useful should a patient's status change and a new template and treatment plan be required.

On the web:
Simply go to the flowsheet of the patient whose template you wish to change. Hover over the selection bar on the right hand side, and select "Change Template".


From here, you will be able to select a different template and start time: 


On the iPad:

To change a template from the iPad, you will now find "Change Template" under menu as it's own designated item, as seen below:

To change a patient's current template from the iPad:

Go to "Edit Mode" choose "Menu"

From the drop down menu choose "Change Template"


Here is a video where Dr. Ivan clearly explains the "Change Template" functionality:

Please note:

If you change a template, Smart Flow will discontinue any parameter that doesn't exist on the new template. If it's a treatment that you have initiated, you will see it on the sheet still with a line through it, & it will be greyed out. To have it back on the sheet - please use the instructions given in THIS article. If you haven't initiated that you've given a particular treatment - it will just be removed.