There will be times that you wish to have similar actions in both the anesthetic sheet and the flowsheet; however, you will only want this to be billed once. An example of this is a pre-medication or a peri-operative antibiotic dose. 

Currently, Smart Flow identifies events on the flowsheet and anesthetic sheet as separate billing events and thus charges for both items appearing on the flowsheet and the anesthetic sheet.

To avoid billing duplication, we recommend you to follow the steps described below. Please try to identify items which would be used on both the anesthetic sheet and flowsheet first (usually includes premedication, peri-operative antibiotics and analgesia). You may also include suture material, screws and pins, and any other hardware.

In case, you're not integrated with any EMR

Once you have this list, you could create an additional parameter for each of them. Please include a suffix or any sign to the new parameter's name which will indicate to the user that this item is the one to be used in the anesthetic sheet only (for example, Cefazolin 95mg/ml - to use on the flowsheet and *Cefazolin 95mg/ml - for the anesthetic sheet).

If you're integrated with an EMR (more about it you can find HERE

The only thing you should do is to turn the billing OFF for the specific parameters on the flowsheet (as described in How to turn the billing off for a certain item in my inventory?). As you execute a parameter on the Anesthetic sheet (by entering initials/note to the parameter's cell), the billing comes across and will be shown on the Billing Report. Thus, if it's necessary to execute the same parameter from the flowsheet, please add a Note (remember Note contains more than 2 words, with a spacing between them; find more about this HERE) to the appropriate flowsheet cell, and select NO in the pop-up:

NOTE: If you have Access Billing from the Whiteboard option enabled you can just tap the flowsheet cell on the iPad, and switch the billing to NO without entering note. In this case, please do not forget to save changes by tapping DONE button:

HERE you could find detailed video instruction about this case.

* Please note that the attached video is an illustration and is subject to change as our product evolves!

We hope you found this information useful!