You may have seen the Whiteboard or iPad logged in with the @ipad@ or @whiteboard@ before your Smart Flow email address. What does logging in this way actually do?

As a Free Trial user, you can have unlimited logins, but you can have only up to 3 patients at the same time as well as three anesthetic sheets. Also, using Free Trial, you can be logged in with the same email in different places at the same time.

Smart Flow subscription comes with 3 logins, this means you can be logged into Smart Flow a maximum of 3 times at once. This can be 3 different devices or 3 times on the same device. You can purchase additional logins (in groups of 3) at any time. 

If the number of logins that you have is limited, it is good practice to learn how to manage your users, so you are less likely to run into issues. One way to do this would be to login with the @ipad@ and @whiteboard@.

If you are logged into your iPad with the @ipad@ before your email address:

  • Your iPad, if sitting idle for 10 minutes or more, will automatically pull itself from the list of devices that are currently being used for Smart Flow. What this means is it will free up an additional login so another device can be used. Once you are ready to use the iPad again, simply wake it from sleep and it's ready to go without having to manually log in. 
If you are logged into your whiteboard browser with @whiteboard@ before your email address:
  • There is a security feature you can change in the settings menu, to auto log out any device not being used after a set period of time. Being logged in with @whiteboard@ allows you to set this to "Never" as you will never want your whiteboard to timeout. All other permissions are set to auto log out after being idle for whatever amount of time you have manually set. This will help prevent a login use if someone has forgotten to log out. 
  • The @whiteboard@ login is also set with restricted permissions, so treatments cannot be performed, nor can patients be created or discharged from this login. You also cannot access your account setting while signed in to this login.