One of the best things about SmartFlow is its versatility! One example of it is our Anesthetic Sheet.

This is a great tool that can be used for more than just recording anesthetic vitals. It allows you to monitor things like blood transfusion, antivenom administration, critical patients and even patients on a ventilator.

NOTE: Anesthetic Sheet is available ONLY on the iPad!

Down below are the steps on how to start:

Click on the patient you would like to start an Anesthetic Sheet for, go to the Menu (...) on the top right side and select Anesthetic Sheet:

You will be taken to the Preoperative Page. SmartFlow will pull out the most recent Anesthetic Template from the patient's flowsheet. You have the option to use that one, choose the other existing or create a new Anesthetic Template. Just click on Templates and select the one you need:

Under the Procedure section, you may enter the name of the procedure you are performing. Also, there is an ability to use the Comments and Critical Notes section to record things like Blood type or Transfusion number. Customize your time intervals to what best suits your needs for monitoring this patient: 1m, 5m, 10m, 15m or 30m. 

Once all information has been entered, tap SAVE:

This will take you to the Anesthetic sheet where you are able to choose and save a variety of monitoring parameters. We recommend you save the Template for use it in the future. Then, just tap Start Anesthesia:

When you Finalize the Anesthetic Sheet, it will finalize in whichever mode you are currently using, effectively like taking a screenshot.

Here is a video where Dr. Ivan demonstrates this functionality:

* Please note that the attached video is an illustration and is subject to change as our product evolves!

We hope you found this information useful!