The ability to turn the billing feature on/off from a flowsheet will depend on your Smart Flow settings.

If the billing toggle is set to 'off' in your Smart Flow Settings Menu, this means your ability to turn billing on/off directly from a flowsheet will also be off, therefore making this feature unavailable. Should this same settings option be set to on, it will now allow you to make this change directly from the flowsheet. 

To see how to change this setting in your Smart Flow Menu, click HERE. 

If the ability to change billing is available to edit from a flowsheet, click on the parameter you wish to change. When this is set to on, this item will be included on the billing report (or directly to your EMR if integrated) each time an entry is made in a cell.                                                                

Here you can choose to bill for a parameter or not by switching the toggle on or off. This feature can be changed anytime, right from your flowsheet.

If you want to turn the billing off forever for all of the patients you could follow these steps:

  • Please, go to the 'Setting'  menu, choose 'Parameters' click on the box beside display name or choose to change multiple parameters at the same time by clicking on the box beside its name for however many you need. 

  • Once you have chosen one or many items to edit, click 'Edit Selected'

  • From here you can also turn 'Billing off' (or on), then click 'Update' 

Now the billing is turned off/on for all of the patients.