The ability to turn the billing feature on or off directly from patient's flowsheet depends on your Smart Flow account settings.

If the Billing toggle is set to NO in your Smart Flow Settings Menu, the Billing feature will be unavailable on the flowsheet as well. And when this same settings option is set to YES, you are allowed to make the changes directly from the flowsheet: 

NOTE: to see how to change this setting in your Smart Flow Settings, click HERE

So, if the Billing toggle is already enabled, go to patient's flowsheet and click on the parameter you would like to change. In a pop up window you can choose whether the parameter is billable or not for by switching the toggle ON or OFF

NOTE: when this is set to ON, the item will be included into the billing report (or directly to your EMR if integrated) each time an entry is made in a cell. 

If you would like to include note entry as a billing item, please refer to THIS article.

It is also possible to turn the billing off forever for all of the patients if you need so. In order to do this, follow the steps below:

  • Please, go to your Settings, choose Parameters tab and mark multiple parameters by clicking on the box beside their name for however many you need. 

  • Once you have chosen the items to edit, click Edit Selected:

  • From here, you can also turn Billing on or off and then click Update: 

And now it is done, the billing is turned off/on for all of the patients currently in treatment. 

We hope you found this information useful!