Your plan comes with 3 logins (iPad, Whiteboard, and one browser) - sufficient for a small veterinarian clinic. This means only 3 devices/locations at any time can be logged into your account. We provide logins in groups of 3.

If you should find that you require more logins than you originally purchased, you can always purchase more at any time. Logins are purchased in packages of three (3). Please choose the number of logins based on the number of locations likely to be logged into your account at the same time. 

To purchase more logins:

  • Go to the silhouette in the top-right corner

  • Choose "Settings" (Remember you must have "Manager" permissions in Smart Flow to do this)

  • Select "Station Logins" from the "User Management" menuthis will list the current number of logins you have
  • Click on "Add station logins"

  • This will take you to "Add station logins" page. From here you will be asked how many logins you wish to purchase (in denominations of 3) from the drop-down menu. Once this is entered, a price will display to tell you the cost of logins purchased per year. If this is correct, click the "Green Arrow".

  • Clicking the "Arrow" will then take you to the final page. If your purchase is successful, you will see this: