Smart Flow Sheet subscription comes with 3 initial logins. Additional logins can be purchased anytime in groups of three (3). 

What is a Login?

  • Every computer that is logged into Smart Flow is using a login
  • Every additional browser window or tab that has Smart Flow open in it is using a login
  • Every monitor that is displaying a Whiteboard is using a login
  • Every iPad running the Smart Flow app is using a login
  • if you closed the app on iPad it will still count the login as if it is in use for the next 10 minutes

While you will always be using the logins for your whiteboards, leaving computers and iPads logged into Smart Flow while not in use can inflate the number of logins beyond what you really need.

Keeping the number of logins low 

To be sure you are always getting the most from the logins that you have purchased, there are a few things you can do to help prevent the need to purchase more:

  1. Always be sure devices in the most commonly used areas are logged in first. Any devices in less commonly used areas should be logged out when not in use. That is a great time to be charging iPads too.
  2. Set your Smart Flow account to auto-logout of any device not being used after a preset time (find more details HERE).
  3. Within each computer using Smart Flow, try not to open more than one window or tab running Smart Flow (eg: one tab viewing the surgery whiteboard, another tab looking at a patient's flow sheet, another tab in Smart Flow setting, etc).

If your staff can't get logged in, because there are never enough open logins, and the adjustments of your auto logout settings is not helpful, then you may need to purchase more logins, to see how click HERE. 

We also recommend always using @ipad@ before you clinics email address, for all clinic iPads. This will take the device out of login use, if it remains idle for 10 minutes, without having to logout and log back in each time. 

Whiteboards should also use the @whiteboard@, before your clinic's email address, so that logout times will be set to NEVER for your whiteboard display(s). 

We hope you found this information useful!