You may be wondering how to calculate doses for medications that require surface area values such as chemotherapy drugs. Smart Flow is set up to calculate medications based on mg/kg, not by body surface area which is what the m2 dosage requires. There is a way to work around this so you can still use the medication on the Flow sheets and have the drug 'calculation' appear correct when added. 

  • You will need to calculate the total dose for the patient manually
  • Enter the total volume (i.e. the 0.48mL as shown in the image below)
  • The calculator will now give the dosage calculation by working backward
  • Change the second value in the 'dosage' section to /patient, /dog or /cat etc
  • You now have the correct total mL, as well as the dosage/patient displayed!
  • Choose how you want to have the medication displayed on the Flow sheet by choosing Dose, Total (mg), or Total (mL)