Have you ever wondered how you can have a patient appear on two whiteboards at the same time (ex. ICU and Anesthesia)?  Do you find yourself needing to view more than one department on the same whiteboard, but not wanting to see every single department in the hospital?  If so, our new “Multiple Departments” feature is exactly what you are looking for!

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What if we have multiple whiteboards, do we need multiple TV screens?")




A clinic has an anesthesia department where patients are transferred for surgery.  The anesthesia department would like to have all of their upcoming patients for the day appear on their own whiteboard so that they can prepare for the anesthetic; however, simply changing their whiteboard in Smart Flow would remove the patient from their existing department’s whiteboard.  This could result in missed treatments as the department where the patient physically is (eg. ICU) would no longer see the patient on their whiteboard.




Under your clinic settings, create an “Anesthetic” whiteboard for each physical department in the hospital (a user with a manager role will be required to complete this action). For example:

· Cardiology and GA Cardiology

· ICU and GA ICU

· Dentistry and GA Dentistry

· Internal Medicine and GA Internal Medicine

Each department can then have their own whiteboard displaying BOTH options for their department. For example, Internal Medicine would have both the Internal Medicine and GA Internal Medicine departments displayed on their whiteboard in order to see all of their patients:

If a patient from their department is going to be heading to the anesthesia department, they would then edit the patient’s information and change the department to the GA option:

**The patient will remain visible on the department’s whiteboard as long as they have both of their departments' options selected.**


Next, the anesthesia department would select all of the “GA” departments for their whiteboard display, by clicking the checkboxes next to each department:

The anesthesia department would now see all patients who will be having an anesthetic procedure, so they can be prepared before the patient physically arrives in their department:

When the anesthetic procedure is complete and the patient has returned to their original ward, you would then change the whiteboard back to the non-GA version of that whiteboard (eg. Internal Medicine) in order to remove them from the Anesthesia whiteboard.