Upgrading your integration to include billing is an exciting step towards eliminating missed charges! If you are an existing customer and your PIMS offers the billing integration with SamrtFlow, please take a look at the following steps to set up your billing. 

Since you already have your inventory established in SmartFlow and have your templates filled with inventory items, let's make sure that you are able to connect your items from your PIMS as efficiently as possible!


Save your current Templates

You will need to print out or save a copy of any of the templates you wish to continue using. Once the new inventory is uploaded, all the previous inventory items will be deleted, and thus you will need to restore your treatment templates. Having a backup will allow you to go back into your saved templates and add those deleted items back on, once your new inventory is ready to use in SmartFlow. You can do this by:

1. Logging into SmartFlow web account and create a test patient. Please choose the Treatment Template you wish to save and click Done:

2. Scroll down the flowsheet, and click Flowsheet to download flowsheet PDF that can be saved on your PC or printed:

NOTE: Please make sure that the highlighting frequency can be determined from the PDF. To see a full-day highlighting, please make sure that the Treatments begin at time is equal to the Flowsheet start time:

Or add one more treatment day by Add 24 Hours > Copy.

3. Do this for each of the templates you wish to continue using.

NOTE: Your Workflow tasks will NOT download into the PDF and will have to be saved separately. You can do this a few ways:

- For each flowsheet you print out, manually write the tasks you have for each template, so you have a record of it.


- Open the template on an iPad and take a screenshot of it with the tasks displayed to retain a copy.

Keep your Inventory Items

Take a look at your current inventory, and decide which “non-billable items” you want to keep. (e.g. TPR parameters, procedures, inventory, activities that are not billable items and will not have a charge attached to them). To do this:

1. Go to your manager's SmartFlwo web account > Settings >Parameters:

2. Find those items you wish to keep in SmartFlow and click the pencil icon to the right of the item:

Turn the Billing OFF for these items and Update:

NOTE: Any items that are set to ON will be deleted when the new inventory is uploaded! 

Also, it is possible to turn OFF the Billing for a group of parameters. Please select the required parameters and click Edit Selected:

Set Billing to OFF and click Update:

Upload the linked items from PIMS
Upload your inventory items according to the instructions on your On-boarding checklist under Select your EMR. If you are unsure about the uploading procedure, please contact your CSM to point you in the right direction:

Re-map your Flowsheets

Now that your items are in SmartFlow, each item will need to be mapped so you can use them on your flowsheets. You can check THIS article to help with the process.


NOTE: After your initial inventory is transferred into SmartFlow, you will be able to sync your PIMS inventory at any time to update your items in SmartFlow. The only time that the process will remove the billable inventory items is during the initial upload.


Add the Items back to the Templates

Your new billable items can be added back on to your Treatment Templates. You can do this the same way you saved your templates originally by creating a Test patient, and edit your Treatment Templates one by one to add the items back in.


Now sit back and enjoy SmartFlow capturing all those charges for you effortlessly!

We hope you found this information useful!