It is helpful to create and then add Billing as a procedure on your flowsheet templates. Set them for the times your financial coordinator or billing technician would normally review and update the charges:

When it is time to complete billing

1. Open the patient flowsheet on the iPad and click on Menu and then View Billing.

2. When prompted to do the End of Shift Billing, click YES:

3. Select the DVM on Duty and the End of Shift time, and then tap Save:

4. Once it's done, the Billing Report will appear on your screen. Tap Send to mail the attached pdf to your financial coordinator or billing technician (it is also possible to access the Billing Report from web, please find more details HERE):

5. Open two windows on the computer. One with the patient's invoice on your EMR, and another one with the Smart Flow Billing Report pdf, and transfer all the charges from the Inventory/Medication/Procedure section PDF into your patient's invoice. 

NOTE: If there are any items that should not be billed, please edit this parameter for the future. The only thing you need to change is a billing option, please turn the Billing switch to OFF:

6. Then we recommend to check the billing. Please open the patien't flowsheet on the screen where the Billing sheet used to be and compare the charges entered on the invoice in your EMR to those that are on the flowsheet:

NOTE: Parameters you have chosen to bill to the client will now be marked with a small green triangle in the bottom left-hand corner of the cell. On the same note, items that you have chosen NOT to bill will have a red triangle in the bottom left-hand corner (please find more details HERE). 

7. If there are items on the flowsheet that should be billed for but have NOT been captured on the Billing Report (and also marked with a red triangle), add them to patient's invoice manually. To prevent this from happening in the future, please check parameter's settings and edit it to switch the Billing ON

We hope you found this information useful!